How To Check The Voicemail On a Vtech Phone in 2024: Step-by-Step Guide For You

How To Check The Voicemail On a Vtech Phone in 2024

If you own a VTech cordless phone, checking your voicemail is simple. Whether your phone features a dedicated voicemail icon, you can effortlessly retrieve your messages by following a few easy steps. In this guide, I will guide you through the process based on the presence or absence of a voicemail icon on your VTech phone.

How to Check Voicemail on a Vtech Phone:

Now let’s drive into step-by-step guidelines on how to check voicemail on your VTech phone.

Identify Voicemail Icon

How do I check my voicemail on VTech?

Some VTech cordless phones have a dedicated voicemail icon on the “one” button. After finding the voicemail icon on the “one” button. Press and hold the “one” button. The phone will automatically dial your voicemail line. After that, you need to follow the prompts to check your voicemail.

No Voicemail Icon Method:

For VTech phones without a dedicated voicemail icon, you can use one of the following dialling methods to access your voicemail. First, you need to dial *98 on your VTech phone. This method serves as one version of accessing voicemail. After that, follow the prompts to check and manage your voicemail messages. Alternatively, you can dial *99 on your VTech phone. This serves as another version of accessing voicemail. After that, follow the prompts to listen to and manage your voicemail messages. It’s important to note that the specific dialling method may vary depending on your VTech phone model. One particular thing to note is to check your user manual for any model-specific instructions.

Easy Way To Handle Your VTech Cordless Phone:

Making calls and handling your VTech cordless phone is easy, offering various options and features for smooth communication. To start a call, you’ve got two simple choices. In Option 1, dial the number you want and hit the “Talk” button to kick off the call. Monitor the timer to see how long you’ve been chatting. 

If you prefer Option 2, press the “Talk” button to hear the dial tone, dial the number while on the call, and wrap it up by pressing the “Off” button. You can access the Caller ID and call log by pressing the “CID” button. It’s a breeze to check your calls, and you can adjust the volume using the scroll buttons. Your phone directory is right there with the “DIR” button, and navigating menus or tweaking settings is a cinch with the “Menu” button and scroll buttons. Go to the settings menu to customize language, dial mode, area code, critical tone, and more. 

You can move through the settings using the “Menu” button to make your phone just how you like it. While on a call, use extra features like muting/unmuting with the mute button, doing a quick redial with the “Redial” button, pausing when needed, and deleting entries with the right button. The display tells you important things like battery life, date, and time. If you didn’t set it up initially, no worries – configure the date and time to keep everything accurate. Charging your phone is a piece of cake. You pop it on the base for charging. It’s super convenient. With these steps, you’ll be a pro at using your VTech cordless phone for hassle-free communication.

How To Check Missed Calls On Vtech phone:

If you want to check missed calls on a Vtech phone, you must first press the “Talk” button to lighten up the display. This sets the stage for navigating the phone’s features. Once the display is on, move on to checking for missed calls. To access the menu on your screen, locate and press the ‘Menu’ button. This action will bring up the menu options for you. Use the arrow buttons to find options like “Missed Calls” or “Missed Messages.” 

If you don’t see these options, double-check that the display is activated by returning to Step 1. Once you’re in the missed calls menu, it’s straightforward. It would help if you used the arrow keys to scroll through the list and see the number of missed calls since your last check. The screen becomes a hub of information, displaying the details you need. And if there are no missed calls, the screen lets you know, giving you peace of mind.

How To Block A Number On A Vtech Phone:

How To Block A Number On A Vtech Phone 

Blocking a number on your VTech phone is a breeze. You can do it in very different ways. First, go to your phone’s settings or menu. Look for the “Call Block” or “Blocked Numbers” section. Once there, you’ll usually find an option like “Add” or “Block.” Enter the unwanted number, hit confirm, and save. You can check out your VTech phone’s Do Not Disturb (DND) feature for a more straightforward approach. 

In your phone settings, locate “Do Not Disturb” or “DND,” and find the option to block specific numbers, enter them, save them, and enjoy your quiet hours. Lastly, if you’re an organized soul, block numbers directly from your Contacts list. Open it up, select the contact causing trouble, and look for “Block” or “Reject Call.” Confirm it, and you’re all set – no more disruptions from that contact. That’s it! With these easy methods, you’ll have your VTech phone under control, and unwanted calls will be a thing of the past. 

How to Delete Voicemail on Vtech DECT 6.0 Phone:

How to delete voicemail on Vtech DECT 6.0 phone

Deleting voicemail on your VTech DECT 6.0 phone is a breeze with these simple steps. Whether using the dedicated “Voicemail” or “Messages” button or dialling directly, follow these instructions to manage your voicemail inbox efficiently.

Use Dedicated Button: Press your VTech cordless phone’s “Voicemail” or “Messages” button. This will automatically connect you to your voicemail inbox.

Dialling Method: Alternatively, you can dial *98 or your voicemail access number provided by your service provider. This direct dialling method ensures quick access to your voicemail.

Enter Voicemail Password: If prompted, use your phone’s keypad to enter your voicemail password. This step enhances the security of your voicemail messages by adding an extra layer of protection to access them.

Navigate Voicemail Menu: Follow the prompts provided by the voicemail system to access your voicemail inbox. The system will guide you through the available options.

Listen to Messages: The voicemail system will play your messages one at a time. Listen carefully to identify the voicemail message you want to delete.

Delete Voicemail: After listening to the desired message, look for options such as “Delete,” “Erase,” or “Trash.” These options may vary based on your voicemail system.

Follow On-Screen Prompts: Press the appropriate button or follow any on-screen prompts to confirm and execute the deletion of the selected voicemail message.

Following these simple and easy steps, you can effectively manage your voicemail inbox and delete it on your VTech DECT 6.0 phone.


In my article, I covered some basic information about Vtech phones. This article will help you operate your Vtech phone more efficiently. Lastly, thank you for staying with me through the whole content. If you need any other guides go to tech guides to get more knowledge.

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