Five Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person: 5 Simple Steps

Nowadays, people are more concerned about the safety of their personal messages messages since they live in a digital era. The significance of controlling who can have access to our texts and ensuring the security of confidential information has increased with the rise in reliance on mobile phones for texting. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person through some step-by-step instructions as well as essential tips related to privacy while messaging.

Major Points

• Hiding messages simply?

• Block their number after creating a new contact.

• Disabling message previews are also necessary.

• Such third-party apps may be secure or not.

• Make sure your iPhone is updated regularly for maximum secrecy, and beware of texts you consider suspicious.

Guide on How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person:

Step 1: Create a New Contact for the Person Whose Messages You Don’t Want Anyone Else To See

• Navigate the Contacts app, then tap the New Contact button

• Fill in his name or any other symbol and save it.

Creating this particular contact will enable you to apply some specific settings and restrictions only on this person. By separating their contacts list from your other contacts, you can effectively manage the messages they receive without interfering with your overall communication.

Guide on How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person:

Step 2: Block this Person’s Number

• Go to Settings app, choose Phone, then Blocked Contacts

• Add the previously made new contact to the blocked list

Once their number is blocked, the individual can’t call or text you. This means that all messages from them are automatically diverted away from your primary message inbox, thereby adding a layer of security and peace.

Block this Person's Number to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person

Step 3: Turn off message previews on the lock screen

• Open the Settings app, click Notifications, then select Messages 

• Toggle the Show Previews option off.

IPhone lock screens show a preview of incoming messages, which can be a giveaway if someone else is looking over your shoulder. By disabling the message preview, “hidden” messages will stay like this until you decide to read them.

urn off message previews on the lock screen to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person

Step 4: Hide Alerts for Their Messages

• Swipe left on their conversation thread once inside the Message app. 

• Tap “Hide Alerts”.

Turn off notifications for a particular person. You will not see any alerts or banners whenever they text you, as their message will be hidden from view.

Step 5: Use an Alternate App to remove messages

iPhones indeed have default options to hide messages, although some users often need more advanced options. Hiding texts can be done using applications made for this purpose.

• Many third-party apps exist in the App Store that have improved privacy features that enable the hiding of messages from such specific people.

• These apps provide extra services such as passwords, encryptions, and decoy modes to enhance your safety while sending texts.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Third-Party App for Message Hiding


• Better options than those offered by the iPhone alone.

• An additional way through which one can be safe is by encrypting the application with a password or other forms of locking it safely.


• Fears about data permissions since these allow third-party applications access to much personal information.

• Some applications might not be free and may display ads.

Before choosing an app, read its reviews, check who developed it, and understand how your data is secured. It is recommended that you choose popular brands with positive client comments indicating how they handle personal data.

Tips on How to Maintain Privacy and Security during Hidden Messages

Make sure your iPhone 16 or other model’s software is always up-to-date. This will ensure you receive the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Have strong, distinct passcodes: use a secure device either by having Touch ID biometrics or Face ID features with a solid passcode on it. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.

Beware of third-party apps: Find out about an app’s background check reviews and read its privacy policy before installing.

Check app permissions periodically: Occasionally scrutinize each app’s permissions and revoke those that you do not need.

Make backups of your messages: Keep essential conversations with iCloud or another secure cloud storage in case of accidental loss.

Final Thoughts on Hiding Text Messages on iPhone

In summary, hiding text messages in iPhones is a valuable feature for privacy and security in digital communications. By following these steps, users can hide messages from specific contacts and keep their personal information confidential.

Privacy and security are the most critical aspects of our interactions in the digital world. By adhering to these guidelines, one can continuously benefit from new privacy advances and updates to ensure the successful management of his/ her messaging experience while maintaining a safe environment for sensitive matters at large.

Additional Resources and Assistance for iPhone Users Seeking Privacy and Security 

You can try out some of the following resources if you want more information about hiding texts or securing privacy:

• Apple’s official site contains detailed explanations about Apple settings, including privacy issues.

• Online forums explicitly created for iPhone users who would like help from experienced people on what they should do next regarding message hiding.

• If you need personalized assistance or expert advice on maximizing your iPhone’s privacy features, contact the Apple customer service team or visit an Apple Store near you. 

Why You Might Want to Hide Text Messages from a Specific Person

People may choose not to receive text messages from a specific person for several reasons. A good example would be when someone feels that they need protection within the confines of a relationship. By hiding such texts, one ensures that another party does not encroach upon one’s personal space or obtain access to valuable data. 

In other situations, it could be in a professional setting. For instance, if you are dealing with sensitive client information or working on classified projects, do not disclose any conversations you have with unauthorized persons. By hiding your messages, you will uphold the integrity of your work and avoid potential risks like hacking.


Why might I want to hide my text messages from one person only? There may be several reasons, including personal reasons, such as a desire for privacy or avoidance of unnecessary communication.

Is it legal to hide text messages from someone? Yes, it is legal unless no law enforcement activity could lead to the violation of rights related to private life.

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone from One Person 5 without downloading special software? No, you won’t have to use special programs or applications. Instead, you can use the iPhone’s built-in capabilities.

How can I make hidden text message windows visible again? Yes, you can, following the same procedure outlined in the article.

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