Terms and Conditions

Hey there, welcome to ROBNON TECH! Let’s make things clear:

Who’s who

  • “You” means you, the excellent user.
  • “We,” or “ROBNON TECH,” tells us the folks running the show.


We use cookies to make things smoother. They help our website work better, like remembering your preferences. Our friends who advertise might use them too. Check our Privacy Policy for more info.


Feel free to browse for yourself, but don’t go reposting or selling our stuff. Be cool, okay? It’s like borrowing a book from the library—read it, enjoy it, but don’t start selling copies.


Share your thoughts where you’re supposed to. We won’t censor it, but keep it friendly. We can remove comments that don’t play nice. You’re responsible for what you say, just like chatting with friends.


Government folks, search engines, news pals, and some excellent businesses can link without asking. Others, give us a shout. If you want to use our logo, let’s chat about it—we want to ensure it’s a good fit.


Only put frames around our pages after asking us first. It’s like trying to put your frame around a painting in a museum—it’s polite to ask first.

Content Liability

We’re not in charge of what’s on other websites. If your site links to ours, please help us out if there are any problems. It’s like being a good neighbor; we look out for each other.

Reservation of Rights

We can ask to remove any link. Our rules might change, but we’ll keep you in the loop. It’s like when you update your phone—it’s just keeping things fresh.

Removal of Links

You can ask, but we don’t have to say yes. Before deciding, we’ll consider it, like discussing it with your team.

Information Accuracy

We try our best, but we must ensure the evening will be correct. Things might change, just like the weather.


We’re not responsible for everything, just the serious stuff like injuries. Free services come with no guarantees against loss or damage. It’s like lending a hand to a friend—it’s sincere but imperfect.

Thanks for being part of the ROBNON TECH family! Explore, have fun, and be responsible!

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